Who We Are?

About us

For the past eight years Emprise Quest Events have delivered high-energy, team-building programs for corporates, organizations, institutions, and different groups; propelling them to shatter any ceilings – glass or otherwise – that may impede employee output.



We pride ourselves as one of the leading teambuilding consultants in Kenya and East Africa. We have facilitated team building in every corner in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia & Somaliland, and beyond. 


We customize all events and programs to integrate the clients’ language of teamwork, which ensures that the body, mind, and spirit of the team members of the organization in question are enabled, to increase trust and team member commitment.


The programs are tailor-made and flexible in order to adapt to the nature of the client’s unique character and requirements, to ensure that it hits the togetherness bulls-eye for the team.

Each of our events is customized for each team that we work with, which means that no two events are ever the same. Your team is unique. Our approach to meeting your needs ensures that your team-building experience is relevant to your specific company. 

Driven by passion and having our vision and mission statements serving as foundational guides for our organization, we ensure that we have served our clients diligently and to their satisfaction.


Our vision

To make team building experiences fun, purposeful and effective.    

Our mission

To be the most sought-after firm in Africa and beyond offering effective indoor and outdoor team-building programs through innovative solutions.

Emprise Quest Events Purpose

To provide a platform for team building activities aimed at uniting groups sharing a common goal to generate greater productivity. The team members are made to share expectations for the accomplishment of their team tasks, growth of trust among them as well as respect for one another.


Our Core Principles

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