Let's Ravitalize Your Team Building Experience

The programs are tailor-made and flexible in order to adapt to the nature of the client’s unique character and requirements, to ensure that it hits the togetherness bulls-eye for the team.


Indoor Team Building

This entails a number of activities that are done in the comfort of the four walls of your institution. They are designed to excite team members and make them bond during closed door events. They require minimal space, time or procedures. Indoor team building activities aim at sharpening wits, increasing communication skills, strengthening the cooperation between team members as well as breaking monotony and routine tasks. They are also used as ice breakers for sessions during trainings. These activities are numerous in number and as such the appropriate once are used for the different groups of people. They are also designed for easy integration during meetings, conferences and training programs.

Outdoor Team Building

This entails team building activities carried out in the fresh air of the outside environment. The activities are designed mostly as challenges that enable team members to show how you work in a team. These activities enable them to work out how to solve the problems and hurdles in the tasks given to them. Such activities enable individuals to develop personal skills, leadership skills, team skills, communication skills and problem solving skills. They are aimed at encouraging positive emotions and reducing stress levels among the team members.

Adventure Team Building

We have developed adventure based programs that can be offered at any designated site anywhere in the country or beyond. We custom design your adventure-based training session by offering training programs that target your specific needs using our unique adventure resources. Our adventurous team-building activities range from, ziplining, high ropes, rock climbing, rafting, game drives, boat rides, hiking, mountain climbing and treasure hunting.

Community or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team Building

Entails engaging groups in dynamic team building experiences while impacting the community positively. These are activities aimed at achieving the corporate social responsibility goals of touching the lives of the less fortunate in the society. They are unique in the sense that they are fun, adventurous and developmental for the individuals that participate. These activities include: Tree planting, Environmental Clean ups, Farming, Visiting Hospitals, Schools, Children’s homes and Rescue Centers.

Team Building Objectives